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Primarily our work is from personal customer recommendation, but we also work with other professional advisers, providing advice to their clients.


If you are a Solicitor within a firm that does not offer all or some of the services we offer, then feel free to contact us to discuss how we could work together to benefit your clients and enhance your client relationships. We are partners with Family Solicitors who are busy talking to their clients about the services we offer, and it is strengthening the relationship they have and ultimately should assist in them in retaining their clients and being recommended to others.

Our business partners are also ensuring that if an objective was deferred for any reason in the past and it is still going to be deferred, then this is recorded to protect both parties. A prime example is the individual who defers writing a Will on the basis they will do it in the future and they then do not. The feedback from Solicitors’ clients is also very positive as clients in the majority do something positive if for any reason they have not done so in the past. If not, the decision not to do so can be recorded to protect both parties.

Financial Advisers

If you are a Financial Adviser, we would also welcome the opportunity to speak to your clients to ensure that they have appropriate arrangements in place. It is rare that we cannot improve upon an existing Will, and quite often we find that clients have life assurance trusts that do not offer loan facilities or no trust arrangements in place. Quite often clients do not have Powers of Attorney arrangements in place etc., and so sadly the list goes on.

As a trusted Adviser the introduction of your client to us should enhance your relationship and reputation. We will also refer business opportunities back to you. A prime example is upon appointment of Guardians within a Will and us suggesting that the clients consider how the children’s ongoing financial expenditure could be funded. A life policy to provide either a lump sum or annual benefit could be the answer and we would ask you to provide the advice needed.

In summary, we feel that our services should form part of a complete Financial planning service. A lack of advice to your clients could also represent a risk to your business in the future, as recently reported in trade publications. We would also suggest that your clients should consider appointing your business to provide advice to Attorneys if the need arises in the future.


We can advise your clients and we are quite often asked to review the appropriateness of Trust arrangements and investments that could limit a client’s claim for assistance with Care fees in the future.

We welcome all new enquiries and we are also finalising arrangements whereby we will work with Employers, Affinity groups, Charities and Funeral Directors.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we could assist your clients by emailing or click on the link below and message us via our Contact us page.

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