We gather information to ensure we make appropriate recommendations.

We are normally asked to help because somebody has identified an issue that needs to be addressed, for example, they do not have a Will and they feel the time is right to look at their options. If you already have a Will, we will happily review it to ensure it still reflects your wishes and we would need to see a copy of it before providing any advice.


We gather information to ensure that we can make appropriate recommendations and this process is crucial, as people can easily overlook matters that need to be addressed.  An example is death benefit nominations that could be in place that would benefit someone who you no longer wish to benefit on your death.Therefore we do ask a lot of questions, but we can then provide sound advice and make recommendations that are appropriate to your needs. Information can be provided securely through this website and we then start to look at and discuss options that are appropriate to your needs.




We also encourage clients to ensure all documentation is in order, as we believe that you should make life as easy as possible for loved ones who ultimately have to deal with matters after someone dies.  So we recommend that all instructions are clear and concise and that all documentation is kept safely.  Attention to detail is crucial in our opinion and we offer a document storage service.  A lot of people utilise this service and place other documents in store, for example, property deeds.


We also recommend a review service, either with an agreed review at a certain time or as and when needed.  Circumstances do change and it is not always apparent that a change in circumstances could mean that planning in place should be reviewed.  However we encourage that allow us to keep in touch and that way, we can try to make sure that you know about any changes that may affect you and our emails or newsletters may jog your memory if there has been a change and you have not reviewed your arrangements.


In summary, we consider the ‘What ifs?’ of life and everyone is different, so we will base our recommendations on what you want to achieve.  Ultimately, we look to provide a value for money service, often somewhat cheaper than local solicitors, plus making it easy to seek advice remotely where necessary to ensure you and your loved ones are protected.