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We are not Financial Advisers but we work alongside trusted partners to provide key aspects of financial advice and assistance to our clients.

We refer clients to Mortgage Brokers and other Finance Professionals, for example, and a prime example recently was the need for bridging lending due to the slowdown in transactions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We also work closely with partner Accountants and Solicitors, especially those well experienced in Family Law – another area where the need for advice has increased during lockdown in recent months.

We have considerable experience of Financial Planning and we often refer clients to regulated Financial Advisers if a need is identified.

How Can Planning Help?

Example 1

A couple might wish to set up an income stream that would be payable to support their children in the event of his or her premature death. The guardians appointed within their Will may be happy to take that role, but their outgoings would increase. With planning and the appropriate life policies in place, monies could be made available to fund this kind of need.

Example 2

Investment reviews are another important consideration. Many people are not reviewing existing arrangements they may have, and have no strategy to do so. Furthermore a regulated Financial Adviser could possibly recommend products that provide a degree of asset protection if an individual were to go into Care.

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